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The soy checkoff empowers U.S. soybean farmers with tools that help them maximize their profitability. Whether it鈥檚 a database of high-protein varieties, the results of checkoff-funded research or interviews with experts, the soy checkoff spreads the word about tips and tricks you can put to use on your farm. Visit any of the links below

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Animal Ag

Our mission is to preserve the demand for U.S. soybean meal by supporting the animal agriculture industry, which consumes more than 90 percent of the annual U.S. soybean crop.

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Soybean Meal

Two main products come from a soybean: meal and oil. And it鈥檚 the meal that drives your price. About 70 percent of the soybean鈥檚 value comes from the meal. With 97 percent of U.S. soybean meal going to feed livestock and poultry, your bottom line hinges on their demand. Animal nutritionists value U.S. soybean meal

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To support the commercial success of biodiesel as a renewable fuel that plays an important role in the expanding biobased-energy industry.

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Our mission is to explore new ways to address global biotechnology as a key part of U.S. soybean farmers’ ability to continue to produce a sustainable supply of food, feed and fuel.

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Our mission is to provide consumers with insight and information about the value of soybeans as a food, a fiber, a fuel and an animal feed around the world.

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High Oleic Soy

Our mission is to discover and communicate global opportunities for U.S. soy by analyzing current and potential events.

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Our mission is to support research that helps soybean farmers maximize their farms’ performance, including research into new traits; methods and tools that enhance yield and composition and new ways to control soybean pests and manage diseases.

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New Uses

Our mission is to find new ways to incorporate soy-based ingredients into products to enhance demand for soybeans.

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To help improve the environmental footprint of the entire U.S. soybean industry, including raising awareness among farmers on why sustainability is important. – See more at:

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Traditionally, the U.S. transportation system that has carried soybeans from farm to market has been the best in the world. But maintaining this competitive advantage takes work and investment. Learn more about the second-to-none U.S. transportation system and what needs to be done to keep U.S. soy鈥檚 shipping lanes strong. Video: Crumbling Locks and Dams

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