Soybean Meal

Two main products come from a soybean: meal and oil. And it鈥檚 the meal that drives your price.

About 70 percent of the soybean鈥檚 value comes from the meal. With 97 percent of U.S. soybean meal going to feed livestock and poultry, your bottom line hinges on their demand.

Animal nutritionists value U.S. soybean meal because of its protein, essential amino acids and energy. But the animal ag industry has options when choosing feed ingredients for their diets.

Alternative protein sources, like DDGS, synthetic amino acids and South American soybeans are all available to nutritionists and compete for U.S. soy鈥檚 market share.

To maintain the competitiveness and longevity of U.S. soy, the industry needs to innovate and find new ways to keep demand strong. One way to do this is through genetic enhancements of soybean meal to help maximize animal performance.

The industry鈥檚 commitment to continuous improvement will pay off with better soybeans, more successful businesses and an even stronger U.S. soy industry.